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The price revolution starts also in București Mall! Jewelry that conveys emotions, by faithfully reflecting the personality of those who wear them and dazzle through a delicate design of creative combinations, can be found as of 18th December 2017 in Bucharest Mall, on the 1st floor. Amazing Jewelry, founded in Denmark by Jesper Nielsen, is based on a ground-breaking concept, a competitive price for the fine jewelry industry.

Collections of bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants and rings made of 925 silver, and gold and 18k rose gold plated silver, encrusted with gemstones, are renewed every 2-3 weeks with new models following the latest trends.

The list of Amazing Jewelry stores, existing already in 11 countries, is now topped up by the store opened in București Mall.

The stores have a cool concept, being completely different from the conservative jewelry stores. The design is inspired by the interior of clubs and lounges, with a hostess who counsels customers and greets them with coffee, snacks and Prosecco, and while you are admiring the jewelry, men and kids can have fun with the ipads provided in the special designated areas.

Moreover, in store, as an extra-bonus for fun, you can take selfies and send the photo to your email, in real time. And that’s not all, the Amazing Wheel is always ready to award you a prize and will turn your day into a lucky one.


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