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17 November, 2018 - 18 November, 2018
Stand-up Comedy with Cosmin Bighei

Teatru la Cinema invites you to the show “Stand-up Comedy with Cosmin Bighei”, which will take place on Saturday, 17th of November, from 7 PM, at Hollywood Multiplex Cinema, București Mall-Vitan.

Cosmin Bighei describes himself as an actor, comedian and Moldovian. Many struggle to make a name for themselves in comedy. Bighei was born with one. His show takes you in a journey through the stereotypes that fill our urban universe. A road paved with self-irony and witty humour, that can lead you anywhere and nowhere at the same time.

Stand-up comedy show for people aged 16 and up.

Running time: 60 minutes
Cast: Cosmin Bighei
Directed by: Cosmin Bighei

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