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03 March, 2018 - 04 March, 2018

Princess Rapunzel was kidnaped when she was just a newborn and kept captive in a tower by the witch Gothel!
When she turned 18 years old, Rapunzel asked her ”mother” if she lets her to see the flying lanterns from the castle. Of course, the witch said no, but in the life of the princess shows up Flynn… who is not the typical prince from the fairytales, but a thief!
And that`s how it begins the story of those two, an adventure who also joins Pascal the girl`s cameleon, the horse Maximus and a band of villains who chases Flynn.
Oh but let`s not forget also Gothel, who also is after the young couple!
The end?…. A tangled story!

Interactive theater play recommended for kids with age between 3and 7 years old.

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