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28 November, 2018 - 29 November, 2018
Popularity contest: make your Romanian blouse famous!

Bucuresti Mall is hosting the Exhibition “Romania 100 – I choose Romania” and teams up with Bucuresti FM to bring you an exquisite and authentic fashion event!

Dig deep into your grandma’s wooden trunk and hit us with your best shot: traditional belts, blouses, scarves, vests, shirts or pants – bring them on and let us admire, judge and declare: This piece is a hit!

Come over and experience live the making of the Romanian blouse, the art and craftsmanship behind this unique and 100% traditional piece!

Together we will transform the Romanian blouse into the most trendy fashion item!

 Wednesday 28th of November 2018 | time: 16:00

Bucuresti Mall, Romania 100 – I choose Romania, make your Romanian blouse famous
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