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21 April, 2018 - 22 April, 2018

Who doesn`t know the story of Pinocchio? “A lie keeps growing and growing until it’s as plain as the nose on your face.” Old Gepetto, a skilful carpenter carved from a log a little boy… for he felt so lonely!

The Blue Fairy wanted to cheer him up so she gave life to the doll. But look that after he came to life, Pinocchio turned out to be a true kid from all points of view… naughty and a little disobedient… I think we will need the Blue Fairy`s help! Let`s join our little wooden boy in his big adventure!

Live theater show recommended for children with age between 2 and 7 years old!
Date: 21.04.2018, 17:30h

Book tickets on or 0310051620.

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