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20 October, 2018 - 21 October, 2018

#EpicTalk is part of the #RomanianRelationshipRevolution and has a well-rounded focus around our relationships with everything that surrounds us, because the quality of our lives is certainly influenced by the quality of the relationships we have. It will be the most important event in the field of relational health organized this autumn in Bucharest, where we expect more than 600 people to join us. We have challenged six of Romania’s most prominent public figures – each of whom is a revolutionary in its field of activity – to talk about the most important relationships in their lives, about self-esteem, family, the audience or their profession.

Gáspár György – About the relationship between couple partners;
Mirela Retegan – About the relationship between Parents and Young Children;
Diana Stanculeanu – About the relationship between Parents and Adolescents;
Oana Moraru – About the relationship between Teachers and Students;
Andreea Esca – About the relationship between People and Work Made with Passion;
Adrian Hădean – About the relationship with food.

The event is especially dedicated to people who want to improve their relationships, partners who want to revive their relationship, parents who want to cultivate their relationship with little children or adolescents, adults looking for the courage needed to – and follow the professional dream, but also to those who want to simply improve their interaction with everything that surrounds us and all those concerned with the process of self-knowledge and personal development.

If you also want to know the secrets of the most important relationships in your life, we are waiting for you on October the 20th at Hotel Intercontinental, from 10:00 AM, to spend some inspirational hours in the company of six of the most appreciated experts of the moment in Romania.

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